Jewellery Inspired by the Ocean and Made for Mermaids and Beach Lovers


Hello and welcome to Aussie Wahine! Here you'll find individually handcrafted jewellery inspired by the ocean and beach lifestyle and made on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Australia. My jewellery incorporates recycled metals, freshwater pearls, genuine sea glass, ocean charms, vacated sea shells, semi-precious gemstones and recycled glass. All of my jewellery components are ethically found and sourced; no sea life is ever harmed. Aussie Wahine is a unique coastal collection put together by the sea, my hands and my heart! 

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My Story...



Every piece of Sea Glass is unique in size and colour and has a fascinating story behind its evolvement. These beautiful ocean gems take many years to form underwater, becoming smooth and rounded due to constant tumbling in the sand as they approach the shore. 

Sea glass begins as normal shards of broken glass, broken bottles, broken tableware, or even shipwrecks that are then persistently tumbled and ground until the sharp edges are smoothed and rounded.

Sea glass takes 20 to 40 years, and sometimes as much as 100 to 200 years, to acquire its characteristic texture and shape.

Authentic sea and beach glass is becoming rarer and harder to find. More people are actively searching for it, and the shift to other materials such as plastic for containers has greatly reduced the number of glass containers dumped in the sea.

I use genuine sea glass in many of my designs, both from preferred suppliers and from the sea glass I have personally found on beaches around the world.


Gold-filled is made by heat and pressure bonding a thin layer of 14K solid gold to a base metal core such a brass.

The "14/20" notation refers to the ratio of karat gold to brass core by weight and indicates the karat value of the gold.

"14/20" gold-filled material is made with 14-karat gold and the gold represents 1/20th (or 5%) of the total weight of the material. The karat gold is tarnish resistant, strong, durable and long lasting.

It is not gold plated because gold filled has an actual layer of pure karat gold over the base metal. Gold-fill will always keep it's colour and luster. I can guarantee this as I've worn my beach bangles for over 8 years now and they still look as though I made them yesterday!

Sterling Silver is 92.5% (.925) pure silver and 7.5% alloy, most commonly copper. Alloying makes the metal stronger for jewellery purposes.

It is the most easily found form of silver on the market today and the most popular for jewellery making.


Puka jewellery first became popular in Hawaii. Puka shells are naturally occurring bead-like objects found on the beaches of Hawaii. These are beach worn pieces of broken cone shells.

"Puka" is the Hawaiian word for "hole" and refers to the naturally occurring hole in the middle of these rounded shell fragments.

Finding a Puka shell is seen as good luck, with the more symmetrical the shell, the better your luck would be.

In Hawaii, the wearing of puka shells was traditionally thought to ensure a peaceful and safe voyage, especially for sailors on a long journey, so puka shell necklaces were especially worn by those who had to travel at sea.

I use a lot of puka shells in my designs, both from preferred suppliers and from the pukas I have personally found on the beaches or that I have dived for in the ocean of Hawaii.