Shiva Shell Studs - Aussie Wahine
Shiva Shell Studs - Aussie Wahine

Shiva Shell Studs

Aussie Wahine Jewellery
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Shiva Eye Shells/Stones are sometimes also known as ‘Pacific Cats Eyes’ and were discovered on the tropical shores of Thailand and Indonesia. The stone is actually the discarded protective door of the Turban Snail shell which detaches and sinks to the bottom of the ocean, towards the end of the snails life.

Each spiral is similar, however, as it is completely naturally formed, no two are ever the same. These stunning natural gem are made of calcium carbonate and the swirl can vary in colour depending on the snails diet.

These studs are made with a sterling silver base with tapered edges that holds a natural Shiva Eye Shell securely in place. These studs are approx. 6mm in diameter. Each earring has a silver post to which a butterfly type earring back is inserted and secures the earrings to the earlobes.

Shiva is worshipped across India, Tibet and Sri Lanka in Hinduism, from which the name is derived, symbolising the third eye which transform and mute negative energy. It represents the flow of life, blending spiritual knowledge with visualisation and helping one reach new levels of consciousness.